Learn PS3 Secrets

If you own the PS3 system, then you are going to want to learn about PS3 secrets so that you can enhance your PS3 gaming experience as much as possible. There are literally hundreds of different PS3 secrets that you can learn, and here are a few of the most popular.

Basically the purpose of this knowledge is to provide information on the PS3 and so if you think that you know all there is to know on this system you may be surprised with what you read in the following.

Model Differences

One of the best PS3 secrets lies in the differences between the systems in the Playstation series. For one, for PS2 compatibility, models using software emulation have less compatibility with PS2 game titles than models with the Emotion Engine.

There are also special PS3 models that you should be aware of, as the PS3 comes in two different flavors both for developers and retailers. Retailers are able to obtain a PS3 demonstration unit for display which will put the machine in a special mode that allows PS3 games for only a limited time before rebooting.

Basically the purpose here would be for use in a video game store for instance, where the owner wants to give customers a chance to play different games before they commit to buying them.

PS3 Audio

Another of the best PS3 secrets involves the audio of PS3. You should know that the PS3 supports various different audio formats and in addition, because most of the advanced audio support is done via software on the Cell, this feature list is constantly changing.

Digital Versus Analog

It is also important to know that the PS3 is able to do many things but depending on the connection it may end up skipping some of the later stages that are available. There are three main audio output options which are available on the PS3 are the HDMI, TOSLINK, and AV multi cable.

These are all things that you are going to want to be aware of, and these PS3 secrets are really going to help you make the most of your gaming and have the most fun with your PS3 system. By learning about more secrets about the PS3 you will notice an immediate positive effect in your gaming and this is certainly not something that you will regret.

You can find more secrets on the Internet for one, so take a bit of time and browse around and learn as much as you can.