Plus Size Lingerie Helps All Women Feel Sexy

How do you define sexy? Is it a certain look, a certain way that a woman dresses or styles her hair? Is sexy defined only by what you see in fashion magazines or movies? Or is sexiness something deeper?

Women can be sexy no matter what their look, style, or size. Most men agree that what really makes a woman sexy is her confidence. Regardless of what size she is, a confident woman will get far more attention than a woman who is self-conscious and nervous.

Unfortunately, too many women believe that they can't be sexy unless they are of a certain size. The truth is that plus size women are at no disadvantage to smaller size women when it comes to sexiness and desirability, but many plus size women don't see it that way.

The Underclothes Do Truly Make the Woman

Plus size lingerie is designed to let plus size women know that they deserve to be and feel sexy every day. Far from being dowdy and full-coverage, plus size lingerie shows off your curves and celebrates you for the beautiful and sexy woman that you are.

Today's plus size lingerie comes in almost any imaginable style. You no longer have to go without that beautiful new bustier or chemise because it doesn't come in your size; plus size lingerie retailers now make plus size counterparts for every type of lingerie. The best thing is that plus size lingerie is not simply the same lingerie made in a larger size; it is actually cut to accommodate and flatter a plus size woman's shape and curves.

Women who are of in-between sizes may also be happy to know that plus size lingerie has been extended into the smaller "plus" sizes as well. Women who wear a size 12 or 14 were often left without many lingerie choices in the past. Standard lingerie frequently doesn't come in a size above 10, but plus size lingerie didn't start until size 14 or 16. Today, many plus size lingerie manufacturers have realized and remedied this gap in the market.

It is believed that over 60 percent of American women wear a size 14 or above. With these statistics, it's easy to see why plus size lingerie is such a necessary and beneficial item. Without it, we would be denying over half of American women the chance to put on something beautiful and skimpy and feel the confidence that only sexy lingerie can provide.