Scrabble Online

Whether you live in a geographical location where access to other Scrabble players is not readily available, or if you simply prefer the atmosphere of playing the game from your own home, there are many forms of Scrabble-playing that are no further away than your own computer. The rising popularity of playing games online has brought this very important benefit to everyone who wishes to participate. In online Scrabble, you now have the chance to interact with others and play this game with competitors from all over the world. Internet Scrabble can be one of the best ways by which to enjoy the game.

One of the best places to play online Scrabble is called the Pixie Pit. Based in Great Britain, the Pixie Pit sends its members Scrabble game invitations by way of email. For the Pixie Pit's form of Scrabble, it is necessary for you to have Java Script on your computer. If you do not receive enough Scrabble invitations through your email, you can also find new players on the Pixie Pit's forum or in its Guest Book. Pixie Pit's Scrabble goes by the Official Scrabble Rules, and also provides you with an online Scrabble dictionary and the Collins Tournament and Club Word List for your convenience. If you prefer to use a unique font for the tiles in your Scrabble game, the Pixie Pit offers downloads of those which may be more to your liking.

Scrabulous is another very popular online Scrabble resource. It provides a variety of game-playing options, so everyone can find the form that suits them the best. While it contains the usual type of online Scrabble, there are also a number of other forms available. Scrabble fans can play the game by way of email. In this form, each time a player plays a word, he or she then emails the word to the competitor. This form of Scrabble is a good way to keep a long-running, ongoing game. Competitors can play at their own personal convenience.

Scrabulous also offers a Solitaire form of Scrabble. For this form of Scrabble, you can download the game onto your own computer; it is a different type of competition than regular Scrabble, as the "competitor" you will have is yourself. Another interesting form of Scrabble is playing the game against the robots. You will play the game against your computer, and have the choice of three levels on which to play.

In addition to all of these varieties of Scrabble from which you can choose your own personal preference, or try them all, Scrabulous offers an online dictionary, word lists, and the official Scrabble rules. Scrabulous is a great place to go for all of your online Scrabble games.

Offering online Scrabble in English, Dutch, French, Italian and Romanian, the Internet Scrabble Club is a one-stop for your Scrabble-playing enjoyment. In order to participate in the Internet Scrabble Club's online Scrabble games, all you need to do is register, and install WordBiz to connect you to its server. It is one of the most widespread places for online Scrabble, currently listing 2443 games in progress. Unlike some other internet Scrabble sites, the Internet Scrabble Club has only online games, in order to compete against other "live" players.

While there are a few online Scrabble sites which require various amounts of payment to join or to participate, the most well-known and reputable ones do not have any costs or fees involved. The request for your credit card or Paypal information is the first cue to seek out a different site for your online Scrabble needs.