Silver Jewelry - The Best Your Money Can Buy

Jewelry is a very personal choice. If you want to give that someone a special gift, there is nothing more appropriate than a piece of silver jewelry. This is because silver has a timeless charm that far exceeds that of gold. Silver is also a cost effective alternative to the luxurious and high-in-demand platinum.

What Type Is The Best For You?

Many people are not aware that there are many types of silver jewelry and so they settle for whatever the salesperson suggests. Well, you have a choice, and it would be good if you knew what it is before you go for shopping.

The purest form of silver available in the market is marked by 999/1000 stamp which you will find on the jewelry that uses it. However, this type of silver is not recommended for daily wear because it is too soft (and gets bent easily) and it oxidizes too fast turning into an unsightly dirty brownish-black color on exposure to humidity, water or sweat.

If you want to wear your jewelry on a daily basis without worrying about a thing, go for the sterling silver jewelry. The sterling silver is an alloy which consists of 92.5 silver and the rest copper. This alloy is shiny white and does not oxidize easily. In fact, in many cases it looks even better than platinum making it a great buy for all occasions and ages. Sterling silver jewelry is given a finish with Rhodium for a shinier look.

For those who are looking for fancy and inexpensive silver jewelry, there is the silver plated range. These types however are for occasional wear because the silver plating comes off if it is used daily or is exposed to water and other elements. While you are at it, you could check out the nickel silver jewelry which is so called because it looks like sterling silver though this contains absolutely no silver.

Lastly, you have the German silver or white metal which is an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. This is a great material often used to make jewelry as well as decorative figurines. This is economical, durable and very attractive.

Next time you go shopping for silver jewelry you could look up all the silver types before deciding which type would suit your taste and budget best and in the process have a lot of fun. Silver or silver-like jewelry is incredibly attractive and fashionable today and as such looks great on everybody.