Famous Sport Rock Climbing Locations

If you are and experienced or even avid rock climber, you probably are looking for some good sport rock climbing spots. No matter what continent you live on there are good spots to go climbing. In addition if you are looking to travel then there are spots wherever you may be going that have solid climbing to offer. But if you are looking for those truly unique one of kind type sport rock climbing, then read on to learn about some of the most famous sports climbing locations in the world.


Africa is one of the best adventure continents in the world and sport rock climbing is well represented here. Perhaps the most famous climbing location is Oudtshoorn. It is located in the Western Cape of South Africa and is famous for its ostrich farms and the Cango Caves. There is no way to fly into Oudtshoorn by commercial flight, and without an airport even non commercial ones are tough. The only way to really get in is by bus or car.

The primary climbing attraction is the limestone rock. Oudtshoorn offers the best limestone climbing the world. In addition to this there is much to do after you are done on the cliff. Gaming casinos, fine dining, and many other luxuries are available if you choose.


In Asia if you are looking to do sport rock climbing look no further than the Himalayas. There you will find a tiny country called Bhutan. Near the capital of Thimpu is a rock climb simply known as ‘the Nose'. This climb is highly recommended but be sure that it is not beyond your skill level before you plan your trip. Contact the Bhutan Rock Climbing Club for more information on other climbs in this Himalayan country.


In Europe a great spot for unique climbing is the town of Fontainebleau in France. This town is renowned for its sandstone boulders that you can climb. Located in the The Forest these boulders offer a challenging and unique climb for enthusiasts of all ages. The town also has much to offer in addition to the climbing.

North America

Probably the most famous spot in the whole world is in the US. Yosemite national park has been a favorite spot for mountain climbers for untold years. The huge granite faces can be more than 3000 vertical feet. These climbs can take multiple days so be prepared to sleep on the face of the mountain if you can not complete it in one.

These are only some of the sport rock climbing that can be found around the world. Get out there and try as many as you can.