Be Your Own Online Stock Market Trading Broker

With a traditional stock market trading broker, you call a professional in the art and science of the stock market (a broker) who does the actual buying and selling of stocks for you. Your broker also gives you recommendations for future investments. Times were when the only way you could play the stock market was to hire a broker.

Times Have Changed

With the rise of the Internet, you don't need to hire a broker anymore. You can be your own online stock market trading broker. The middleman isn't needed anymore. Some really busy people still prefer to hire specialists to manage their portfolios, but it's not a requirement. If you have a computer, an internet connection and about $1000 to invest, then you can become your own online stock market trading broker.

What's Your Platform?

In political jargon, a "platform" is where a candidate stands on the issues of the day. In computer jargon, a "platform" is the system your computer uses in order to handle its computer universe. Examples of computer platforms would be Microsoft Windows, Linux or Apple Macintosh. In both politics and computers, if you don't have a platform, you sink. It's the same when you are your own online stock market trading broker.

You need a web trading platform in order to get anything accomplished in playing the stock market online. The web platform acts as a brokerage, which tracks the market and buys or sells your stock at the exact time you want. These web platform software packages are available from brokerages' web sites.

What To Look For In A Platform

Part of being a successful online stock market trading broker is picking the web trading platform that works best for your needs. Sometimes, you can get a free monthly trial to help you in this decision. Keep in mind that not only do you need a live feed of the stock market, you need a web platform system that has good customer support. You also might want to use a platform with built in stock news updates and advice.

Take your time in choosing a web trading platform. Once you get that sorted out, then you can concentrate on the stock market itself and your own investment choices. With each trade, you pay a small fee to the web platform company. But the decision as to what to buy and sell is yours. Some people really like the self-determination of making their own financial decisions when they are an online stock market trading broker.