Learning How to Tattoo

Learning How to Tattoo

The tattooing profession has become astoundingly popular, especially over the past few years in particular, and this is because more and more people are becoming comfortable with tattooing and using tattoos as a means of expressing themselves or showing off what they love. Tattoos can be very beautiful, not to mention sentimental, and if you are one of the many people out there that are interested in getting into the tattooing profession yourself, then there is some valuable information that you are going to want to know about.

Getting Started

When you want to learn how to tattoo, the first thing you need to do is learn about cross contamination. This is imperative to be aware of, because the customers' safety is the number one issue. Preventing cross contamination is something that you can really never learn enough about and in the tattooing profession there are lots of different methods used to try and prevent cross contamination from occurring as best as possible.

One of the most important steps of all here is to bag the tattoo machine, and a lot of people mistakenly forget to do this. By bagging the tattoo machine you are basically enabling it to act like a barrier, and this keeps contaminants from getting on the machine.

You always need to wear medical grade protective gloves, and this is more for your own protection when you are completing a tattoo than anyone else's. After all, you are not going to know all of your customers personally, and so you have no idea what their health is like, and you absolutely cannot risk going barehanded with the types of diseases that are out there today.


Once you have learned a bit about how to tattoo and the profession itself, then you want to get a tattoo apprenticeship. This can often be a lot more difficult than it sounds however, namely because of how popular tattooing has become and therefore most tattoo parlors are already full.

Before you look for an apprenticeship you are also going to want to remember that typical training here is going to cost you close to 10,000, and so if you have not started saving up yet, you are definitely going to want to get on top of that. You will also want to bring some examples of your work along when you go out looking for a tattoo apprenticeship, so you can show off your skills.