Dentist Teeth Whitening Offers the Best Results

Increasingly there are more places than the dentists to have your teeth whitened. You can go to a beauty salon or the chemist and pick up a kit to whiten your teeth on your own. With so many different places all advertising guaranteed spectacular results, which do you believe? You may factor in cost and decide to go the cheapest route. You could get lucky and get the results you want or you could end up with lackluster teeth at best or a burned mouth at worst. Dentist teeth whitening is still the safest route and also the one that will get you the best results.

Why the Dentist?

You might ask why choose dentist teeth whitening when you can whiten you teeth on your own at home. The answer is that you may not always be able to follow instructions perfectly on your at home kit. Do you have the time to put the strips or tray in every day for the specific amount of time? It's more likely that you have missed a few days because you were so busy or you had to run out on an errand so cut short your treatment time. These interruptions mean that you will not get the full effect that is promised on the packet.

The alternative to going to dentist teeth whitening is having a teeth whitening treatment at a beauty salon or spa. Increasingly beauty parlors offer teeth whitening treatments along with manicures and waxes. Although it might be cheaper than going to the dentist and less scary in a spa setting, it is not a good idea at all. Remember that teeth whitening involved caustic chemicals that could do serious harm if not handled by trained professionals.

To avoid any mishaps always choose dentist teeth whitening when professional grade bleaching chemicals are being used. They contain a much higher concentration of peroxide than at home kits and the time they are left on must be closely monitored to avoid damaging your teeth or irritating your gums. A beauty therapist is not qualified to make that judgment and may not know what to do if something goes wrong.

Furthermore dentist teeth whitening can be adjusted to your needs. The dentist can decide how much bleaching solution to use on your teeth or is whitening is a good solution for you. There are other treatments such as veneers that may be better suited to you and your needs if your teeth are too heavily stained for whitening to make much difference.