Decorating ideas for a living room

Yesterday I was packing my hand me down items to move into my first small apartment that I was sharing with my girlfriend. Today I am helping my daughter pack her things to move to her first apartment. That's the way is seems. I do not know what happened to the twenty-four years in between the two events but they are gone. My daughter is so excited about her first job and her first real apartment. She lived on campus for her first three years of college and then shared a house with several other girls her last year, but the house was furnished so this is her first chance to decorate her own space.
The apartment she was able to afford is a small one bedroom with a balcony. The bathroom was next to the bedroom and a nice size. The kitchen was the standard apartment U-shaped kitchen with appliances on one side and counter space on the other with cabinets lining the wall space. Two people could cook in it. The counter space could be used as a breakfast bar and had room for two stools. This counter was adjacent to the small dining area that had the patio doors that lead out to the balcony. She was on the second floor and her balcony overlooked the side of the building, which was a grassy area with a small flower garden. The living room was nice size however it was long and narrow. My daughter wanted me to help her with decorating ideas for a living room that was so narrow. One end of the space had a gas fireplace the other end was a blank wall there were two large windows on the long wall. It was hard to think of decorating ideas for a living room that did not have any furniture in it. She had saved enough money from her summer job to buy some furniture. Her father and I told her that she could have the bedroom furniture from her room at our house because we were going to convert it to a home office space. So she needed to find a small dining room set and living room furniture.

I suggested that we start at a second hand store that I have shopped at through the years to see if we could find a table and chairs as well as lamp stands and coffee table for the living room. This would give her more money to spend for decorating ideas for a living room space that was going to be a challenge. We found a great deal on the table and chairs; we also found two chairs upholstered chairs that were in very good shape. I suggested she buy them to make a grouping by the fireplace and then have a television watching area in the other part of the living room. This turned out to be great decorating ideas for a living room shaped like hers. She loves her space and the feeling of independence that it gives her.