Online casinos

A coworker of mine left her husband last year after discovering that he'd spent almost half of his earnings playing in online casinos. He had been frequenting online casinos for almost an entire year before she got ahold of the credit card statements and wondered what was going on. Apparently he was gambling while at work, in the evenings when she was making dinner and getting the children settled in for the night. When she confronted him and told him that he had a gambling problem, he denied it. After trying to tolerate it for several months, she was tired of competing with online casinos. She left.

It isn't the first time that I've heard of people becoming addicted to gambling in online casinos. It is much easier to gamble from home than visit an actual casino, and being in your pajamas while watching your savings dwindle away is simply priceless. Of course, being at home while gambling probably is much more of a threat to your bank accounts. The online casinos never close, they never toss underage gamblers out onto the streets. There is no cigarette smoke coming from the other gamblers. You don't have the little waitresses trying to sell you watered down drinks either. Nope. When using online casinos, your favorite game is always available and you can walk away from your computer whenever you need to, without having to have someone watch your seat and your coins. It is rather tempting and addicting.

Online casinos claim that they've paid out millions of dollars since first opening. While I don't doubt the validity of those statements, I cannot help but wonder how many millions were donated from drooling gamblers hoping to make a quick fortune. There is no skill involved. The more money you gamble, the more you stand to win. It is all about luck. If it just isn't your day to win, it may be tomorrow. Or, you can waste all of your earnings and constantly have bad luck. I can guarantee that as much as you think that you can earn more money frequenting online casinos, you can actually make more money by leaving your house and going to work. Unless you have the discipline to quit whenever you win a nice sum of money, you won't get too far ahead. Most people deposit their earnings back into the online casinos hoping to double it, and simply watch it vanish into thin air. Suddenly, they are back to the same place in which they started. I'd rather just get a job.