Antioxidant Multi Vitamin

Antioxidant multi vitamin

The most common antioxidant multi vitamin supplements are a combination of vitamins A, E, C and some minerals like zinc and selenium; moreover, the products are often enriched with CoQ10 and lutein for instance. Antioxidant multi vitamin products are available in a variety of forms, either capsules, tablets or syrup, and it is entirely up to the consumer's choice to decide which is the variant he or she finds easier to administrate. Most specialists believe that regardless of the health status, antioxidant multi vitamin intake is necessary after a certain age, in order to prevent and slow the decay processes at the tissue levels.

By the direct action on the free radicals resulted in the cells after the oxidation process, antioxidant multi vitamin supplements ensure a proper functionality of the skin and the organs, prolonging the life extent of the cells. Though vitamins A and E are usually associated with anti-wrinkle cosmetic products, their benefits are a lot wider and cover almost all the body functions as a whole. On the other hand antioxidant multi vitamin supplements also act as immunity boosters, meaning that they enhance the natural defenses of the body, increasing one's resistance against infections, bacteria and fungi.

Antioxidant multi vitamin supplements in the liquid form are considered to be a lot easier to assimilate due to the fact that they require absolutely no modification at the level of the digestive tract. Around 80 or even 90% of the intake passes into the blood flow, which makes them a lot more popular than tablets and capsules. It is important to follow the dosage directions of the antioxidant multi vitamin liquid supplements, since without a graded spoon or a dosing device, it is very easy to overdose. And even though they are highly positive in their action on the body, antioxidant multi vitamin supplements can also trigger adverse reactions if taken carelessly.

Almost all pharmaceutical brands manufacture antioxidant multi vitamin products, hence, there is a wide variety of supplements to choose from. More recently, a higher stress has been laid on the organic nature of the vitamins, since people are more and more aware that synthetic vitamins and minerals do not make the right choice in terms of health concerns. Thus, carotenoids or organic vitamin A, lutein, CoQ10, vitamin C extracted from rose buds and wild rose, have all become alternative solutions in the making of antioxidant multi vitamin supplements.