Classic Wedding Bands

Classic. Ah.... Even the sound brings to mind images of ultimate style, long-lasting value and outstanding beauty. Classic wedding bands are aptly named.

Fashion can be fickle. What is stylish today may look foolish a few years later. Remember your hair style in high school? Right, better to forget. But a classic, by definition, never goes out of style. It endures. It remains as lovely as ever down through the decades.

But unlike some of those novels you were required to read, classic does not have to mean boring. Not when it comes to wedding bands. Quite the opposite. Because they start out at the pinnacle of beauty in a classic vein, they remain so forever. They excite at once, and are equally enthralling as the years go by.

That makes a classic engagement ring or wedding band the perfect symbol. Who doesn't want their marriage to be exciting forever? Who doesn't want the lovely feelings, the deep commitment and the great passion to last? Classic wedding bands encapsulate all these hopes and dreams into one small token that will be treasured for a lifetime and longer. It will thrill the original owner and be passed down through generations to come.

Imagine a perfect pear-cut, F or better color stone. Set it in a mount on a platinum band. Let nature take its course by splashing the band and stone with light until the colors dazzle the eye. Classic is boring? Never.

Picture a thin pipe-cut band of yellow gold. Now adorn the front with a series of baguette VVS-clarity diamonds that absorb that golden glow and reflect it out again, adding the colors of the rainbow. This is the very prototype of a modern classic.

Go contemporary and still be classic. Select that white gold band and stud the entire circumference with alternating diamonds and sapphires. Prefer passion red to deeply felt blue? No problem. Classic includes individual taste, indeed insists on it. Go for the yellow gold band studded with rubies nuzzled between those diamonds.

Ah, but you want blue and diamond at once. A perfect choice. A 1-carat blue diamond radiant-cut center stone is a royal classic. Allow it to have two servants alongside that are themselves shining white examples of purity. Let them sit regally in a band of platinum and rule the kingdom of love.

The point is made. You may want the type of ring Great Grandmother wore through her 75-year marriage. The wedding band that graced the hands of loving parents are as classic as the two of them. A contemporary style declares itself the new classic by virtue of its fine lines and elegant posture. Classic is not a time period. It's a statement of intent. Long-lasting worth, commitment to the future, devotion everyday for all those wonderful years to come. That's classic.