Coming up With Unique Wedding Shower Gifts

There are some really terrific ideas for wedding shower gifts, but if you want to be unique and make sure that you are getting the bride a new gift, one that she has not already received from someone else, then you will want to make your gift really special. For some innovative wedding shower gifts, here are a few ideas.

Signature Platters

For a really unique wedding shower gift, why not give a signature platter? This is basically a platter plate of some sort that you get engraved with all the names of the guests that attended the wedding. You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes, which will obviously depend on the size of the wedding because the more people who attended the larger sized plate you will need to get.

Personalized Photo Pillows

Another of the most popular unique wedding shower gifts is the personalized photo pillow. This is a really cute and thoughtful idea for the happy couple, and makes a great gift idea. You can use either a black and white or color photo for this, and there are various companies that will create the pillow for you.

All you need to do is submit your photo and advise them of the details, including the size and any text that you would like written on the pillow, such as a catchy saying or even a simple ‘Love'.

Photo Blankets

If you are interested in unique wedding shower gifts then you will definitely want to consider getting a photo blanket. You really can never go wrong when you get a gift with the bride and groom's photo on it, because it shows them together and gives them something that they can treasure.

There are lots of creative things that you can do with a photo to personalize a gift, but the photo blanket is really great. You can use any photo of the couple and it is created using a knitting technique that allows the photo to show up enlarged and clearly. The quality of the material and the detail in terms of the picture quality is stunning.

Remember that you can always buy a basic gift and then turn it something creative on your own. Maybe the couple likes sports for instance and you could buy them a football or baseball and then get their names engraved on it. Maybe you know their favorite store and you could do something as simple as getting them a gift certificate to that store.

What matters is that you are there for the couple on their most special day and that you put thought into your gift.