Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Weddings are the most memorable times of a person's life. Many couples prepare for their weddings months or even a year before their wedding date. To make their wedding more meaningful, many couples like to make their own wedding vows. Traditionally, wedding vows are prepared by the priest based on the traditional vows. However, for some decades now, couples have opted to make their own wedding vows in accordance to their feelings and preferences.

Wording Your Wedding Vows

Traditional vows for weddings are usually taken from the Bible which usually states that the bride will obey and the groom will honor. These days of equality has spawned many different kinds of wedding vows where the couples make them and base these on how they feel for each other. In most cases, the content of the modern wedding vows are similar to the traditional ones but they are worded in such a way that both man and woman have equal rights.

There is always a promise of fidelity and love in almost all wedding vows. This is to be expected since you are about to start a new life with each other. Others also include taking care of each other and helping each other. Other concepts that you might like to integrate into your wedding vows are trust, companionship and security. These are still somewhat akin to what is contained in traditional vows.

Other wedding vows actually say what they intend to do in the future and how much they love the person they are marrying. Some priests are inclined to censor some of the vows since not all are appropriate for churches but usually, the couple already know how far they can go regarding the words they use and the solemnity of the church.

Short and Sweet

It is best to keep your wedding vows short and to the point. Some couple might like to express how they feel and include this in their weddings vows while others keep to the more traditional concept of the vows. For longer vows, you might need to write them down to be able to freely express yourself while others just get the gist of what they feel and say their vows without any guide.

Making your own wedding vows makes your wedding more personal and your vows to your spouse more heartfelt. This is the best opportunity to express to your spouse to be how important he or she is to you and just how honored you are that you are marrying each other.