Alternative Energy Sources May Answer Many Concerns

With concerns for the environment, concerns about the dwindling world supply of oil and concerns about finding clean sources of cheap electricity, many different alternative energy sources are being investigated to answer these concerns. The push for means of generating electricity has been around for over 100 years, but when oil and coal-fired generators produced power inexpensively, the world put the search for alternative energy sources on the back burner for a number of years.

The need for alternative energy sources was rekindled in the 1970's with the oil shortage that created lines at gas stations and produced critical shortages throughout the United States. The search for alternate power generation is not limited to finding new ways of powering vehicles, as supplying cheap power for homes and industries is a continuous endeavor. There have been many advance in the search for alternative energy sources but still the price of power produced remains higher than traditional methods.

Wind, water and sun are touted as renewable energy resources with claims that once the technology is perfected, they can replace the need for oil and natural gas to turn turbines in the generation process. Even geothermal power production is one of the alternative energy sources being researched.

Different Sources For Different Locations

For many people the switch to alternative energy sources is a matter of finding the one that works the best in their particular geographical location. Persons who live in areas that have limited exposure to the sun for example, may not be too excited about using solar panels to supply power. When the sun goes down for an extended number of days, the town can go dark.

In some of those areas, wind is not a problem as it seems to blow nearly every day. Using wind power to turn turbines to generate electricity can work there, but may not work in other areas that experience less windy conditions. Another of the alternative energy sources, hydropower uses the power of rivers to turn generators, but the cost of the infrastructure to get power to the people from the generator may still be high for long range use.

With the three major alternative energy sources continuing to be researched and advanced, the need for its success becomes more evident every time a person receives their electric bill or fills their car with gas. Finding viable alternative energy sources can save oil for other uses, until it is depleted, which will also bring down its costs due to lower demands.