What Makes a Baby Boomer Tick?

Recently, it seems that more and more people have begun to have more than one full-time job. In fact, these people are generally those who could be a banker during the day and own a restaurant at night. Others in this league include those who teach during normal working hours and who might model on the catwalk in the evenings or at night. Though you might consider this as being nothing more than multi-tasking, in reality people who indulge in such activities are known as baby boomers.

Have Money Will Travel

Typically, an archetypal baby boomer would be a person that spends money freely and of course, is also someone with a lot of money in his or her pocket. Thus, you would not be far from the target in assuming that a baby boomer is a person that earns high wages and who is also addicted to work and who then splurges all of their money too. In addition, it also begs the question as to what are they really hoping to achieve since at first glance such mindless pursuit of money making and spending does not seem to have any valid reason.

However, the truth of the matter is that a baby boomer is simply not a mindless workaholic, but is someone who likes to put in a lot of effort in earning more money and who then sees no harm in rewarding themselves with the money that they have earned. Typically a baby boomer does not differ from the average wage earner other than for the fact that such people have more money to burn.

Furthermore, it is also wrong to assume that the baby boomer takes a second job just to pay for utilities and other essential services. In fact, the multiple jobs that they work at are not taken out of any sort of compulsion, but are taken because they are passionate about their work. Taking on additional jobs also provide baby boomers with relief from stress from their normal daily jobs, and the reason obviously is that when a person loves what he is doing, stress is the furthest thing in his mind.

Also, a baby boomer that has more than one job seems to be able to connect much better because it allows him to live many kinds of egos simultaneously. It is thus, right to say that the baby boomer is brave enough to accept and deal with new challenges both physically as well as mentally and it is surely something that most of us crave anyway, but usually cannot achieve because we are all not made in the way that baby boomers are made.