Finding the Perfect First Baby Gift

There is often no gift more difficult to buy than the first baby gift. Although there are many different options available to you and this is definitely a good thing, it can also make the process of selecting a single gift rather confusing and even overwhelming. By taking a closer look at a few of the first baby gift options in particular however, you will be able to get a better idea as to what is out there and which first baby gift you should decide to go with.

Photo Frame

For a first baby gift one of the best ideas to go with is a personalized photo frame. You can get whatever you want engraved on the front of the frame, such as "First Baby", or the baby's name and date of birth for instance. Not only are these beautiful but very inexpensive as well.


Toys are always a great gift idea for children of all ages, and even though a baby will obviously not be able to play with the toy right away, it can be kept and displayed in the crib, and then once they are older they will actually be able to play with it. The best thing about toys is that the child can treasure it when they are older as well, and so they really make for great first baby gifts.


Most people do not think to get a mobile as a first baby gift, but remember that because this is the first baby the parents are most likely not already going to have these sorts of things. This is important to remember because you want to make sure that you are not going to get them something that they already have, as they would then really not be able to get any use out of the gift and you don't want that.

There are some truly beautiful mobiles that you can purchase and you can even make one on your own from scratch as all you really need is a pole, some string, and some items to hang on the end to twirl around on the mobile. Depending on whether the baby is a boy or a girl you can make the mobile gender-specific, for instance you could put pretty pink hearts on the mobile for a little girl or footballs or soccer balls for a boy.

Any gift you get is going to be appreciated, but by taking a bit of extra time and putting consideration into your gift, you will show that you care and it will mean that much more.