Learn Belly Dancing: The Options Are Many

The term belly dancing is not in fact the way that the originators of this form of dance call their particular way of dancing. It is, in fact, something that has been coined by westerners to describe a particular style of dancing practiced by Arab dancers. If you were to visit an Arabic country, you would most probably be bemused to learn that what westerners term as belly dancing is actually known only as oriental dance, while some Americans even have termed it as a Middle Eastern dance.

What's more, Americans are not particularly taken up with belly dancing. To learn belly dancing you would need to look high and low and more particularly amongst ethnic populations whose enthusiasm for belly dancing knows no bounds. However, even those who are involved in belly dancing cannot agree as to where belly dancing actually originated.

Thus, opinion varies between those who say it is really an Egyptian form of dancing while others believe it has to do with people from India migrating to Rome. However, rather than get embroiled in the controversy about where belly dancing originated it is a much better idea to learn belly dancing.

Nothing Quite Like Learning From an Instructor

Of course, there is in fact, no better way to learn belly dancing than to have an instructor show you the ropes and be the one that will guide you through every stage of the learning process. In case, you are having trouble learning belly dancing, you can always ask questions and get your questions answered till you are confident of performing the steps in the proper manner.

In case you need to locate an instructor from whom you want to learn belly dancing, then you should go through the yellow pages. Check out restaurants where dancers perform, check the city's local Parks & Recreation department, and check out the many websites that offer non-credit classes.

However, it is not always possible to learn belly dancing from an instructor. So you may be forced to use DVDs or even ask for instructions over the Internet. In fact, it is possible to learn belly dancing via the World Wide Web. Places such as Aziza Sa'id's Lessons Online could prove to be useful in case you needed to learn Hip Lift as well as Drop and Shoulder Shimmy. Finally, you can also learn belly dancing through watching DVDs and a particularly resourceful video is the one known as Middle Eastern Dance Video Sourcebook.