How to Use Bowflex Dumbbells

Using Bowflex dumbbells can be very effective, and help you to lose weight, and tone your body. If you have never used Bowflex dumbbells before however you are going to want to learn more about them first, and learn how to use them properly so you can really make the most out of your workouts.

Getting Started

There are a few basic exercises that you can complete with the Bowflex dumbbells, and which will be best for you to start off with if you are not that experienced with them. The first is the bench press. This exercise will work your chest and triceps. You want to lie on a bench with your knees bent and your feet flat on the bench, holding the dumbbells by your side at chest height.

You want to have the palms of your hands facing your knees, and then push the dumbbells upwards until your arms are nearly straight. Hold for a few seconds and then lower them to the starting position and this is considered as being one repetition, and repeat several times.

Another great workout using the Bowflex dumbbells is squats. These will help by shaping and strengthening your buttocks and hamstrings. Hold the dumbbells by your sides with your feet facing forward, shoulder-width apart. You want to make sure that your back is straight the entire time so you will be working out the right muscles, and slowly bend your knees until you are nearly in a sitting position.

You then want to straighten your legs and return to the starting position, then repeat this several times. These are just a few of the many exercises that you can use which involve the dumbbells, and the best idea is to determine what areas on your body you want to work out most, and then find the exercises that are going to work these specific areas and tone them up. Keep in mind that you may not see results for several weeks.

Keep in mind that the only careful consideration you really need to take when it comes to using Bowflex dumbbells to build the chest muscles is that the increased range of motion from the dumbbells can lead to overstretching or tears of the muscle. You can use these dumbbells to build biceps muscles, triceps, and the forearm muscles. There are so many variations that you can use with this equipment and so you can really enjoy your workouts more.