Candle Making Has A Long, Rich History

Candle making has a wonderful history with roots in many different places. Before the electric light, candle making lit the world. If there was light at night, it was because someone had studied the art of candle making. Modern people flip a switch to light a room, but many modern people do not appreciate a lighted room because it is so easy to accomplish. Candle making is for fun and fashion today, but people long ago did not see well at night unless some of their compatriots did some candle making.

There is evidence that Egyptians were proficient in candle making more than five thousand years ago. Their rich history has been preserved to some extent and evidence of their candle making abilities is present in Egyptian historical records. The Chinese also made candles more than two thousand years ago to light their world. The Japanese as well as the Egyptians and the Chinese used wax to make their candles. Other people of early history made candles including the Indians, the Italians and the native people of Alaska. The Irish manufactured candles in Dublin as early as the fifteenth century. Early in history some made candles to keep track of the time.

Candle Making Remains Popular Today

Although candle making is not so important to modern people, it is still a fun pastime and a lucrative business. People do not need candles to light their homes in most places in the modern world, but many love the ambiance that candlelight gives to any room. Some people love to take a leisurely bath in candlelight because they find it extremely relaxing after a stressful day. People light their restaurants and dinner tables with candles because the soft light makes for a better atmosphere than regular electric lights.

The art of candle making has changed with the times and the needs of the population. The candles of ancient times might have provided a special atmosphere, but this was not the purpose of the candles. Modern candle makers use special colors and scents in the wax of their candles. Some use essential oils which have been known to provide a relaxing or healing atmosphere in a room. The art of candle making has progressed, but now modern inventors have made lights that closely resemble candles to avoid some of the dangers from light by candlelight. Although people who make candles do some great business, they are not as important as they were thousands of years ago.