A Cold Sore Medication That Works

There is no question about it, having a cold sore is an embarrassing thing as a lot of people know what a cold sore truly is and that is a herpes virus. Although cold sores are becoming so wide spread, there is still a lot of shame that people feel when they have an outbreak. But this is such a highly contagious thing that you could contract it by direct skin-to-skin contact such as kissing. And since most people do not want to go the rest of their lives without kissing someone, they are all at risk for contracting this terrible sore.

What does work though is having something on hand or knowing of a cold sore medication that really does work. You can read up on the many different home remedies if you like as some may work and some may not work for you. But, if you are short on cash, do not have medical insurance, or too embarrassed to see a doctor, then you can try to treat it yourself. If all else fails and you do not end up getting a cold sore medication, you are always wait for it to clear up by itself which takes about ten days.

Most Popular Medications

The most popular cold sore medication seems to be that of Zovirax and then there is also that of Denavir. These are the only two medications approved by the FDA for reasons of treating the symptoms of cold sores. These are by no means a cure as there is no such thing for right now, but they have shown that they can help reduce the amount of time a patient has to suffer with a cold sore. The more popular of the two, Zovirax, is a cold sore medication that has a more convenient schedule for dosing, which is five times a day over a period of four days.

Since the cold sore medication does state that application should be first done as soon as the person feels the tingle sensation that usually occurs right before the blister appears, it is a good idea to keep this stuff on hand. Talk with your doctor or purchase it online, as it is best to have it handy if you know you are likely to go through a lot of breakouts. When used properly, a cold sore medication could dramatically affect how long a person would have to suffer through this embarrassing time.