Costumes Would Not be Costumes Without Costume Hats!

When you think of female costumes, not matter what the occasion, you cannot help but think of two of the most prevalent accessories: masks, and costume hats. Indeed, there are very few costumes that do not have either one thing or the other. You prefer the latter, and thus need some costume hat ideas.

The Costume: A Victorian Lady

Many women love to dress up as Victorian ladies, and part of the reason is because of the beautiful costume hats that go along with them! For example, if you want to be an aristocratic lady, you might want to choose a large costume hat with the brim turned down and the top adorned with feathers.

The Costume: A Flapper

Another popular costume that many women like to wear is the flapper costume. This costume does not really have a costume hat, but rather a band with a feather attached to it. However, to choose the costume of an aristocratic 1920s woman is to choose a costume hat that is rounded, with the brim pushed up against the forehead.

The Costume: A Cowgirl

For those women who have a love of the Old West, a cowgirl outfit is their outfit of choice. Of course, the obvious hat to wear is a cowboy hat, but it is how they choose to decorate it that is the most interesting. For example, the brim might be decorated with rhinestones, or feathers.

The Costume: A Medieval Woman

Women who are especially fond of historic costumes love to dress in the gowns of medieval Europe. The hats from this particular time period are rather ornate. Specifically, the outline of the hats are triangular, and the bottom is generally a long piece of fabric in the form of a habit

For More Information

If you would like more information on the kinds of hats you can wear with your costume, then all you have to do is go to your local costume store. There, even if you do not find a hat that you would like to wear, you can still get ideas.

Remember that it is best to purchase a hat in person rather than on the internet. Since every person's head is a different size, there are corresponding hat sizes. Make sure you do not purchase a hat only to find that it is too small! Thus, with the proper research, you are sure to find a hat that will beautifully compliment your outfit.