How Dog Training Whistles Work

Dogs have many different purposes in our lives. Some are companion dogs, who live with us like family while others are service dogs who are treated as family but also serve a distinct purpose in our lives. Many people love dogs because of their ability to express their affection for their owners in a most transparent way.

Most working dogs are trained for a specific job. These working dogs are chosen because of their steady temperament and ability to obey commands. Some breeds are mire suitable as working dogs than others. Some dogs are trained to collect game during hunting while others are trained to guard flocks. These dogs are sometimes trained using dog training whistles to make them pay attention or do something.

These dog training whistles are pitched to a frequency that humans can not hear them. They are sometimes specifically tuned to be heard only by animals. The common range of a dog whistles if 16000 Hz up to 22000 Hz. Some whistles have sliders or tuners to be able to vary the tone and pitch of the whistle in order to send commands to the dog. There are the traditional dog training whistles and the electronic training whistles. These two dog whistles function similarly although they are dissimilar in the way they are powered.

Uses of Dog Training Whistles

Dog training whistles are primarily used to signal dogs. Dogs are trained early on to react to the dog training whistle. Not all trainers train dogs with a training whistle but most trainers who use their dogs in an open field or wider range use dog training whistles to call their dogs or issue commands to their dogs even from far distances.

Dog training whistles are also use to command shepherd dogs while they gather and herd sheep or other animals. These are also used to summon dogs who have gone into the water to retrieve water fowl. Because the dog training whistle's sound reaches a very long distance, it is ideal for wide open spaces and fields. Dogs who have gone far can easily hear their owners calling them through the whistles.

Dogs hearing are very acute so they can easily distinguish among the many commands that are issued to them by their owners through the dog training whistle. Many trainers have also found merit in whistles because dogs tend to hear them more clearly over the hubbub of sound in a crowded place.