Choosing Your Essential Oil Outlet

If you have a business making beauty products or like to use aromatherapy for you and your family, you know how important it is to find a good essential oil outlet. Unfortunately, you can't just drive out to the local outlet store strip mall and stock up on whatever they have. Fortunately, you can shop an essential oil outlet from the comfort of your own home through the Internet.


If you are connected to others in holistic medicine, the aromatherapy business or in making their own scented crafts, you can ask them for recommendations as to what essential oil outlet to use. You can also cruise any forums or chat rooms on web sites devoted to these topics. You need to see if not only the prices are right, but how often they can get a hold of new stock.

Stay Safe

Although you are looking for the best prices and selection and shipping rates that you can find, you also need to keep alert to stay safe. Just keep your common sense and keep updating the latest version of your computer security software. Usually, these updates will be automatic, but check to be sure. You need a firewall, an anti-virus program, anti-spyware program and a spam filter for your email.

When you click onto a prospective essential oil outlet website, you need to see that it has a Privacy Policy and customer service contact information. You should be able to use the customer service contact information without having to purchase anything. You might also want to give their phone number a quick ring (if they list a phone number), just to see who picks up the phone.

Don't Put Your Eggs All In One Basket

It is best if you can find two or three essential oil outlets rather than depend entirely on one essential oil outlet. In this way, you are assured of a source of your needed oils if one business can't get them to you in time or in the desired quantity. It is also good to compare what you're paying at one essential oil outlet to what other outlets offer to be sure you are paying a fair price.

Try to make products or crafts with more versatile, less expensive oils like lavender or tea tree rather than incredibly expensive, fickle resources like red roses or frankincense. You should be able to get a lot of advice on what oils to substitute for any other oil from the customer service department at your chosen essential oil outlet.