Gift Basket Suggestions For Different Occasions

Gift baskets are great gift ideas because they can contain more than one item and can be specifically made up with items that cater to the personal preferences of the receiver. Of course, for those who have no idea what the preferences of the receiver are, gift basket suggestions can be very helpful. Gift basket suggestions are also dependent on the occasion that the gift baskets are to be given and the closeness of the relationship of the giver and recipient.

For Baby Showers

There are actually two kinds of baskets that you can give for this occasion, either for the parents to be or the child. If you choose for the parents to be or the mom to be, your gift basket can contain items she can use after she has given birth such as baby bottles, diapers, bottle cleaners, etc. Gift basket suggestions for the baby include soft cotton washcloths in different colors, soft cotton layettes, pacifiers and many others.

Gift basket suggestions for a baby shower should also include the overall look of the gift. Soft pastel colors are usually used for these occasions so make sure that the items will be more or les these colors. Other gift basket suggestions focusing on baby showers are the basket to be used being in the shape of something connected to babies, like a pram or a giant baby bottle.

For A Graduation

College graduations gift baskets usually call for items that celebrate a transition to adulthood. Gift basket suggestions for graduations include wine, wine and cheeses combination, cigars and many others. It may also depend on the preferences of the individual celebrating the graduation.

For Christmas

Most gift basket suggestions focusing on the holidays are food related. Cookies, hams, fruit cakes, desserts, cakes and many other examples of holiday foods can be included in a gift basket. Some people even mix and match the different holiday foods to meet the preferences of the recipient. Motifs of the basket will be centered on the holiday season of course. Rich green ribbons combined with bright red or golden yellow stars or small wreaths accentuate the gift basket and will make it look pretty.

Chocolate gift baskets also make up great corporate gifts for christmas or other occasions.

These gift basket suggestions can be easily made by you if you the time and the inclination to do so. The main point is to cater to the likes of the recipient or, if you have no idea what they are, a generic gift basket will do.