Finding Government Auctions

Government auctions are great not only because you can buy in such large quantities but also because you can end up saving yourself so much money. This is especially beneficial for businesses, because most businesses are constantly looking to purchase large amounts of products at discounted prices, and if you are interested in going to one of these government auctions, then you are going to have to know where to find them.

Your Options

You have quite a few options when it comes to finding government auctions. The website is one in particular, and they allow you to buy new, seized and surplus merchandise and real estate from the government quickly and easily. Some of the items are sold online by auction or fixed price whereas others are available by public auction, sealed bid or contract with a realtor.

There are a few different categories that they offer, including but certainly not limited to: benefits and grants, defense and international, environment, family, home, history, arts, science and technology, and public safety and law.

Another company that you can go through to find government auctions is the aptly titled Government Auctions Company, which specializes in the selling of vehicles. The vehicles that they offer come from a wide variety of places, and some examples of where your new vehicle might have served include: federal government, state government, local councils, police services, fire and emergency services, religious groups, and hospitals and ambulance services.

Remember before you go to any government auction there are a few basic rules you have to abide by and a few things you are going to want to remember. For one, all items are sold as they are and do not come with a warranty. Also removal of the items purchased is the responsibility of the buyer, and removal of the items within a week of purchasing them is necessary.

The selling agency reserves the right to suspend or cancel the offer to sell posted items prior to their closing times, if they so wish to do so. And some items may have a minimum or reverse bid, meaning that if the specific reserve bid is not met, they are able to withdraw the offer to sell, so be prepared for this.

Just make sure before you buy from any government auction that you are actually going to be saving a reasonable amount of money because often times consumers think that they are getting a good deal when really the seller is making off with far more than they should.