The Best Do It Yourself Hair Care Tips

There are some really great do it yourself hair care tips that can help one to learn more about their hair and how to style it.

Make Hair Clips

One of the most fun do it yourself hair care tips involves making hair clips. These are great for hair not only because they make it look decorative and pretty but also because they can clip the hair up and keep it from getting damaged throughout the day.

The first step is to get some bobby pins. These are going to be the bases for the hair clips, and they are very cheap as well. Get the plain black ones and then decorate them with nail polish in whatever color is going to work best. The best idea is to choose an outfit and then pick a nail polish color to suit it.

Then just take glue and any decorations wanted, such as tiny rhinestones, metallic polish, tiny glass beads or even ribbon use this to create designs on the bobby pins, and they are finished.

Making Shampoo

Another of the best do it yourself hair care tips is to make shampoo rather than buying it from a store. This is a great idea because most of the shampoos available today either contain chemicals that are going to be damaging to the hair or are too expensive for most people to afford.

It is very easy to make shampoo from scratch, and the best part of all is that it can be made from all natural ingredients which in turn will mean that this shampoo is going to be much more nourishing and gentle on the hair.

The first thing is to have all ingredients ready to go, and then pour about 8 oz. of the liquid shampoo base into a mixing bowl. Add the fragrance oil and salt and water mixture to this and mix thoroughly. The next step is to add the water and continue mixing until all of the ingredients have been properly blended. Once the mixture is ready, place the funnel into the mouth of the shampoo bottle and slowly pour the shampoo until the shampoo level is just at the bottom of the neck of the bottle. It is important not to go higher than this because then the shampoo will spill over.

There are many other great do it yourself hair care tips as well that may be helpful and anyone interested in finding out more do it yourself hair care tips should take a minute and browse through the Internet to get some great ideas.