Tall Tales and Scary Halloween Stories

During the month of October, some people will say or do just about anything to get a scared reaction. As Halloween approaches, scary stories and movies become even more effective than they normally are. Though scary stories can be told just about any time of the year, they are most prevalent around Halloween. When the mood is right on Halloween night, scary storytellers leap at the chance to cause a fright!

Spooks and Scares on the Screen

On the big screen and television alike, scary stories dominate during the month of October. One of the most common places to see scary stories around Halloween is at the movie theatre. Certainly horror movies are released throughout the year, but more films are released during the month of October. In the past, horror films like Saw and The Grudge have been released during that month with irony in mind.

Television certainly does not let anyone ignore the fact that Halloween is right around the corner. Scary Halloween stories are just as prevalent on the television as they are at the movie theatre. Horror movies dating back until the 1950s can be watched over and over again during the month of October. For anyone looking to get scared out of their wits with a scary Halloween story, television and movie theatres provide the perfect opportunity.

A Personal Approach to Fright

Though movies and television can result in scary moments, scary Halloween stories are most effective when they are told in person. One of the most fun activities around Halloween is to sit around in a group, perhaps even around a campfire, and tell scary Halloween stories.

In order to achieve the desired effect, it is important to tell scary Halloween stories with the lights out. A flashlight might come in handy. Some people like to get creative, and they employ assistants to create sound effects and props. Halloween is a great opportunity to try out your best scare tactics.

All in Good Fun

Halloween is a fun time of year, because almost everyone is in the mood to be scared. Whether you tell scary Halloween stories or go see a horror film, it is easy enough to achieve this goal. It is important to have fun, but also not to take the fun too far. Everyone starts out being a good sport, but not all people stay that way. After all, some people can only stand to be scared for so long.