All About Samsung HDTV

With the popularity of HDTVs growing each day, one company is leading in the improvements of HDTV technology. This company is none other than Samsung.
Samsung HDTV is constantly being developed and improved by the company to provide customers the best possible quality of HDTV at the lowest possible price.

Samsung HDTV Technology And Its Features

There may be standard HDTV technologies but Samsung HDTV integrates their own innovations. A technology integrated in Samsung HDTVs is called DNIe™ Technology. This boasts of giving viewers a motion optimizer, contrast enhancer, detail enhancer, and color optimizer. The motion optimizer is useful in fast moving images. These fast moving images are optimized to give it a more natural-looking motion therefore reducing video blurring and noise.

The contrast enhancer enhances the levels of brightness and contrast. This gives is for deeper, richer blacks with great detail, and more natural whites.

The detail enhancer in the DNIe™ Technology is used to analyze video signal elements. The purpose of this is to produce clearer image separation, sharper detail, and better natural edge transition.

The color optimizer reproduces color with a more life-like realism, skin tones are given a natural hue and whites are more accurate.

A Samsung HDTV also has something for the avid gamers. It enhances gaming experience of gamers by providing different game mode options. Included are Adventure Game Mode for those Role Playing Games, Sports Game Mode for fast action sports games, and the Standard game Mode for games that do not belong to the first two game modes.

When it comes to resolution, a Samsung HDTV is well equipped. It provides a 1080p progressive resolution (1920 x 1080). This means that it can accommodate newer digital formats of games and movies as well as it can show any of the resolutions being used in today's broadcast format. With this kind of resolution, viewers are assured that none of the images are being thrown off for the sake of accommodation.

A Samsung HDTV is also considered one of the best units to purchase for an entertainment room. It has three HDMI to give viewers the highest possible sound quality and video quality that their entertainment tastes need. A Samsung HDTV can be plugged directly to a computer without using a converter because it has a built-in PC Input. Lastly it has a USB port for connecting your mobile MP3 players or other gadgets like digital cameras so you can listen to music and watch your pictures.

Of course, given all these features in a Samsung HDTV, the fact can't be denied that it can be quite expensive. But depending on your preferences, a Samsung HDTV may well be worth every penny you pay for it.