Going Backpacking Hiking

There are two ways to go hiking. There is the kind of hiking where you put on a little fanny pack with water and some things in it and set out for the day knowing that you will be back by nightfall. Well, hoping you will be back by nightfall. Then there is backpacking hiking. Backpacking hiking is when you load up your trusty backpack with enough supplies to last for days and then head out into the wilderness to get away from it all. Backpacking hiking should only be done either by people that have or experience or by people in a group with people that have experience. Backpacking hiking has its upside and its downside and the downside can drop down pretty low if you do no know what you are doing.

The difference between backpacking hiking and camping is that with camping you usually intend on setting up in one spot and then staying there for a few days, That is why they call it setting up camp. When you go camping you bring a lot of equipment and some people even buy huge luxury campers that have bedrooms, televisions, and running water to go camping in which seems to really miss the point. But when you go backpacking hiking you have no plan on staying in one place, your goal is to take in as much different scenery as possible and just get away from everyday life.

The Things You Will Need

When you go backpacking hiking you do not need a lot but there are certain things you should bring. Obviously you should bring food and water and to find out what kind of food you should do some research. Make sure you are taking the right kind of food that will last you while you are out there and enough water to last as well. If you intend on drinking the fresh water in the wilderness you should probably bring a water testing kit with you because it is hard to really say how far we have contaminated our planet and it is better to be safe than sorry.

You will need a tent because even though you are being a rugged he-man you are still human and humans need shelter from things like the elements, bugs, and curious bears. A tent will protect you when it rains, keep the mosquitoes away from you while you sleep, and give that curious bear a layer of fabric he has to get through to get to you which should give you more than enough time to get out of there and go get a room at the nearest Holiday Inn.