Mushrooms Magic

Mushrooms are a form of fungus as we are all aware. There are edible mushrooms and there are also the poisonous ones. Besides these two types of mushrooms magic properties have been given to one particular type. This mushroom goes by the name of psychedelic mushrooms.

These particular mushrooms magic properties are mainly hallucinogenic. For this reason many countries around the world have very strict controls placed on the use of these mushrooms. People who have eaten these mushrooms state they feel as if they were having a really good and warm feeling. The world about them is seen in a different manner.

This is not an unusual state for uses of mushrooms magic users have experienced this feeling too. To make sure that the narcotic reactions from the mushrooms are not that potent or harmful these magic users will only use the psychedelic mushrooms for necessary reasons. Also the dosage that is used will be sufficient for the ritualistic purpose. This however is not the case with the users of Western cultures.

There have been reports of people experiencing feelings of coldness, disorientation, numbness in the mouth and other facial features can be felt. Besides these effects there are other such as pupil dilation, swollen features, and stiffness in the limbs.

Since these are reactions that can be felt by any one who consumes these mushrooms magic users need to see what their countries legal laws have to say about the possession, growth and use of these psychedelic mushrooms.

Strange as it may seem there is a loophole in the laws that govern the sale and use of these mushrooms. At the moment some countries will allow these mushrooms to be grown for personal use but the mushrooms that are used must be of the fresh variety. For various groups of people who use these mushrooms magic rituals will need to be prepared well in advance as the mushrooms can only be harvested and eaten when they are still fresh.

Now before we proceed any further a word of cautions should be made. In the first case as most of us have little to no experience of mushroom varieties that are edible, you should take lots of care about eating one of these mushrooms magic in property or not.

Next while some of your rituals may state the need for using these psychedelic mushrooms you will need to understand what the legal laws have to say about these mushrooms. The final item of caution about the use of these mushrooms is that while they are safe in small fresh doses, they can be very fatally deadly at higher and dried, crushed, brewed as a tea or even in a powdered form.

For these many different reasons if you can avoid taking these mushrooms you will have a safer life. While these mushrooms magic are closely connected it is best to leave them in the hands of shamans, the healers of tribes that still use the ancient arts.