Spell Casting

Spell casting is an act that we have heard and seen on television. This is however not something that you will see in person unless you happen to know a modern day witch, wizard, warlock or Wicca. These numerous people use different spells for a variety of things. Their spell casting is not that different from what the ancestors did.

The different spells that can be found need to have the spell casting performed in different styles. These styles will depend on the type of spell that is being performed. Also the white magic and dark magic aspects of spell casting need to be taken into consideration too.

As these two types of magic are different in the way they react to the person they are cast on, the spell casting needs to have the intent of the spell behind the incantation. While the subject of witchcraft and magic is shrouded in myths and legends there is ample evidence of the need to have the spells written out in a spell book. These books or grimoires would contain a large number of spells. These spells would have a list of items that were need to prepare the spell.

Below the item list you would have a description of how these ingredients need to be combined together. If there was a time period the spell potion needed to stand before it could be used in the spell casting this too would be indicated. Once the potion was ready the spell could be cast.

Now in many cases the white magic users would use their spell casting abilities only if they were asked to help people out. The dark magic users would have no such scruples. While many of the circumstances of life have changed the need for magic has not. Today you will find many people who will claim that they can show you the best ways in which to perform spell casting.

As most of us have almost no idea of how to perform magic or even say an incantation it is best if you leave these spells alone. There is really no way to say if you are being given a dud spell. You may on the other hand be provided with a spell casting that has a very dangerous result.

The many uses of spells and magic may have been thoroughly detailed. There are however areas that are unknown and therefore left blank. It is these areas of spell casting that should be left to the professional spell casters to perform.