Improve Memory Skills

It seems like a blessing if someone has the capacity to recall information quickly and correctly. It is truly priceless in being successful in the professional as well as academic world. Although a lack in this ability doesn't imply that the individual cannot have any success in his life, rather there are plenty of options available that one can use to enhance the memory skills. The important point to improve memory skills is to implement the rightly designed tools in a well-structured fashion.

There is practically a wide variety of mind tools available for enhancing one's memory skills quite extensively. With these fabulous mind tools, one needs to spend time practicing these techniques to get wonderful results. With an honest effort and sufficient practice, any one can be able to acquire a good memory. Even if someone doesn't have sufficient time to specifically employ on practicing, these techniques are found useful in daily lives.


Mnemonics refer to the technique to remember information that is not so easy remembering in normal situations. It is based on the idea of encoding difficult-to-remember information in a special way that is pretty easier-to-remember. A very simple example is VIBGYOR for remembering the colors in the rainbow. It is an excellent mind tool that can be used in various real life situations, especially at the time of an exam, in order to take advantage of effective implementation of memory skills.

Using the Whole Mind

The effective memory skills are the ability to encode information by using benefits of the whole mind. The key idea is to encode information using vibrant mental images that not only store information but also store the structure of information. This helps a lot in improving memory skills and it is a very successful feature to make mnemonics more reliable.

In order to do that, one may count on visualizing positive, pleasant images. It is mainly because sometimes the brain simply blocks the unpleasant memories. The mental images should contain brilliant colors as they are easier to remember comparing to the dull images. A three-dimensional visual image can be encoded faster than two-dimensional images.

Designing of Mnemonics

The three essential components governing the use of mnemonics include imagination, association, and position. Adding all three components in the mind, one is able to design powerful mnemonics in order to improve memory skills. Imagination is crucial to create and strengthen the links essential to design effective mnemonics. The more one can imagine, the more he can visualize, the more he can recall objects and events.

Association is the method to link between one or more objects together. It helps in improving the ability to recall. Position offers two facets; a coherent context enables in positioning particular information in a specific segment of mind, while the other facet enables in differentiating between two or more mnemonics. By using all three components, effective mnemonics can be designed.