How To Determine The Difference Between Legitimate And Replica Watches

To the average consumer, replica watches may appear exactly the same as the real thing. There would be no way to tell the difference between fake and authentic without some sort of guidelines to go by. Replica watches, like any other product, have a variety of indicators as to why they are not the authentic product like the weight of the watch, the durability of the metal and the way the second hand moves. The weight of a watch says a lot about whether or not it is of the quality that an actual high-end watch would be.

Many replica watches use hollow links to save on cost and maximize profit. An original watch would be much heavier as the links typically are filled to justify the higher price for more of a precious metal used. If one were to hold a legitimate name brand watch in one hand and a replica watch in the other, the difference would become quite obvious. Next we have the durability of the metal in replica watches versus original watches. The high-end name brand watch is typically made of solid metal whether silver or gold.

Things To Look Close At

Replica watches tend to be coated in a simulation silver or gold and filled with a much cheaper metal to save on cost. It may become evident after just a short while that the gold or silver on a replica watch begins to wear off, as it is only a thin-coated layer. An actual watch of high quality would not do this, as it is legitimately either entirely silver or gold.

The way the second hand moves on a real watch is far different than that of replica watches in most cases. To an untrained eye, there would appear to be no difference since most people would never think to stare at a watch that closely. To a professional or a representative for one of the major name watch companies, replica watches could give themselves away when the second hand either does or does not move in a certain manner.

With these tips, it should be slightly easier to recognize replica watches from the real product. Keep in mind the obvious point that a watch being offered at a much lower price than usual may also indicate that something is not proper. Name brand products have earned the reputation and the right to provide goods like watches at a higher price in light of society's expectation of quality in relation to the brand.