Who Should Carry Stop Watches?

Having stop watches on hand has become a Hollywood joke poking fun at people that constantly require precision in their lives. They require so much precision that they carry stop watches to time everything and anything. Probably one of the funnier uses of this joke is in the Three Amigos when the Mexican bandito announces that he has a stop watch on him to help time the drawing of a gun. But stop watches are extremely precision devices and are so precise that they have come to represent a desire for complete and absolute accuracy. You cannot argue with that time, it was done on a stop watch. So it stands to reason that only a quality stop watch will do when it comes time to get one, but that whole idea raises another important question. Just exactly who should carry stop watches? I think we can all agree that athletic coaches should carry them for the sake of timing their athletes but there are other instances where having good stop watches around may be a huge benefit.

If you have someone at work that spends a little too much time around the water cooler then you can go ahead and let them know exactly how much time they are spending there by keeping track for them. I am certain that they will not appreciate it, but if they are one of those people that talk incessantly then you could always just show them your stop watch and let them know that if they don't stop boring you with last year's vacation stories that the boss may have to find out exactly how much time they spend at the old water cooler. Is that very nice? No. But at least that is one less office bore you will have to deal with.

Getting The Kids Out Of Bed

A mom with a stop watch can be a very dangerous thing to kids that take a long time to get out of bed. Perhaps a little condition can be added to the morning ritual that states that every minute they are late getting out of bed is a dollar off their weekly allowance. Those minutes can add up and if there is ever a disagreement about the exact minutes all you would need to do is refer to the precision timepiece and that should end all discussion. That could make weekday mornings go by so fast.

There are a lot of uses for stop watches and all you need to find them is a little creativity and the strong desire to keep perfect time.