Many Migraine Sufferers Turn to Natural Relief for Migraine Headache Pain

It is thought that over 29 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. If you get migraines, you know that they are unlike any other type of headache. You can feel one coming on and building and you know that you're going to have a rough time making it through the day with the massive pain that usually accompanies migraines.

Prescriptions Might Not Always Work

For many migraine sufferers, pain medications either don't work or are not suitable for their situation. There are plenty of migraine sufferers who have been prescribed every pain medication under the sun but have felt no long-term relief; just temporary dulling of the pain that may have negative side effects.

This problem has left many migraine sufferers looking for natural relief for migraine headaches. The best place to start looking for natural relief for a migraine headache is before it ever starts. Many migraines can be avoided by watching what you eat and drink, and getting adequate exercise.

Avoiding common migraine triggers is a great way to control your migraine symptoms. Caffeine, red wine, and chocolate are some of the best-known offenders, but there may be many others that cause a migraine for you. The best way to identify your triggers is to keep a food and headache journal for a couple of weeks. In this journal, you write what you eat every day and whether you get a migraine that day. In this way, you can look back and make associations based on what foods coincided with a migraine.

Other methods of natural relief for migraine headaches involve taking herbs or supplements. It is thought by many people that migraines are the result of some kind of deficiency in the diet, so taking supplements may be the best way to avoid the pain.

One of the most popular treatments for natural relief of migraine headaches is feverfew. This is a very old folk remedy that is well-known around the world. Whether or not it is effective for reduction of migraine headaches is the subject of debate in the medical community, but some migraine sufferers swear by it.

Another well-known method of natural relief of migraine headaches is magnesium supplements. If migraine headaches are a result of a magnesium deficiency, as many experts believe, taking magnesium supplements may greatly reduce the number of headaches you experience.

Whether you decide to go with a medicinal approach or a more natural relief for migraine headaches, finding something that works for you can be a great relief. If you haven't had luck finding an effective treatment, don't give up. The chances are that there is a treatment out there that will be able to help your pain.