Why You Should Buy A Nintendo Wii

If you don't know what the Nintendo Wii is you have probably living under a rock for the past year. If you have never tried one, you are the minority as well and should get out there and try it because it is incredibly fun. The Wii uses technology never incorporated in a video game system before. It is perfect for anyone from young to old with all tastes because it is so easy to use. And the Wii offers more than just video games with it's never before seen channel features.

It as fun to watch someone playing the Wii as it is to play yourself. The innovative controller allows players to control the game just by moving the Wii remote. The console registers movement from the controller with surprising accuracy so you don't have to push buttons, you can do the actual motion with your hand. This new way of playing takes the boredom out of watching someone else play as players have to shimmy, jump, and move around in order to play the game. The Wii's interactivity is much more interesting than traditional consoles and has to be tried to be believed.

Because the controls are so novel and easy to use, anyone can play. The Wii opens up the world of video games to people who had never considered playing video games before. If you were never good at buttons and joysticks or just never had an interest in video games, the Wii offers a totally different experience. From young kids to grandparents, everyone can enjoy the Wii so you can be sure it will get used and be enjoyed. The controls are easy to learn and if you can flick your wrist you can play the Wii.

The Wii also offers more than just video games. The Wii menu features channels that let you see the news, weather, view photos and connect with others. The Mii channel lets you create a little 3D person that looks just like you and then use them in games. You can also vote with others on the Everybody Votes Channel and share your opinions as well as see what other people think. The Wii's also has the Wii Shop Channel where you can download more content for you console as well as vintage Nintendo games. These channels are the first of their kind on a video game console and you can even surf the internet right form your TV using the Wii. As Nintendo adds more channels for the Wii, the extra features will only get better.

The Nintendo Wii is the most unique video game system on the market today. It is also the most popular console for a reason; it appeals to everyone with diverse games and features. The interactive game play is fun to watch and take part in, and you can do so much more than play games with the Wii. If you have never tired one, head to your local game store, or your friends house, and try one out. Chances are you will be hooked too.