Paintball Gun Reviews: What People Have To Say About Paintball Games

When the first paintballs came out in the market sometime in the 1950s, nobody really thought about using these things for recreation purposes. At that time, people were more concerned of using paintballs to mark their cows. Paintballs were also used for forestry service to mark trees for a distance. However, twenty years after paintballs were introduced in the market, two friends from Henniker, New Hampshire invented a survival game using paintballs. A lot of people became interested in the game and the paintball sport was born. As the paintball sport increasingly became popular, the demand for paintball guns increased prompting manufacturers to produce variety of paintball guns. To sell their products, many of these manufacturers rely on advertising and paintball gun reviews to sell their products in the market.

Social Acceptance

Over the years, paintball games have been part of the lives of many Americans. Both the old and the young see the paintball games as their chance to play cops and robbers. The physical and mental challenge of the game often attracts a lot of people from almost all walks of life. As evidence of the wide social acceptance of this game, we can now see paintball playing fields all over the country. Moreover, paintball gun reviews now grace the pages of many sports magazines along with reviews of other sports equipments. Most of these paintball gun reviews are done by professional paintball players and enthusiasts. Aside from appearing in the pages of many sports magazines, one can also find paintball gun reviews in many online sites.

Although millions of Americans play paintball in many parts of the country and paintball games have become socially accepted, not all people are really happy with the game. On the negative side of the fence, many people protested against publishing paintball gun reviews in many sports magazines. According to those who opposed the idea of printing paintball gun reviews in popular sport magazines, paintball games are but a glorification of the use of guns. Parents of school children are usually the ones who are against this game. Many of them pointed out that by advertising paintball guns; we encourage young people to love guns. Since guns are usually associated with violence, many concerned parents expressed alarmed over the way the media often feature paintball games as something that is exciting and fun. Although not many of them are in really in favor of banning paintball games in the country, many of them wants advertising on paintball guns to be strictly regulated.