Paintball and Paintball Guns

Paintball Games are known for the adrenaline rush they provide to paintball enthusiasts. It stands to be one of the most popular of sports, with over 10 million paintball-ers in the United States alone.

At its most base of premises, the main concept behind Paintball is that to eliminate opponents by marking them with paintballs, thus putting them out of the game. The rules which dictate paintball games vary from one to another, but bear this basic rule. Variations like "capturing the opponent's flag" or "eliminating the opponent's general", stand to be the most common of paintball games. Basically, paintball game rules could be easily "tailor cut" ensuring the maximum fun and safety factor of a paintball game.

The most popular of paintball games include Woodsball, Scenario and Tourneyball/Speedball.

As a sport, Paintball is quite equipment demanding, as players would need to have specific paintball equipment in order to participate in paintball games. The most basic of paintball equipments would be paintball guns, as these stand as the main propellant for paintballs. Paintball masks come in next, as safety should be the main priority in a paintball game, and of course the actual paintballs, which represent as the ammo for paintball guns.

Also referred to as Paintball Markers, Paintball Guns are usually compressed air powered guns, designed to successfully "fire" paintballs, allowing users to tag opponents. Most paintball guns have muzzle velocity values of up to 300 ft/s, and often utilize carbon dioxide or high pressure air in their successful operation. The 300 ft/s muzzle velocity of most paintball guns are known to be sufficient enough to allow paintballs to break on impact, and successfully does so without causing any tissue damage on those aimed with paintball guns.

The first breed of "paintball guns" came in the form of the Nelspot 007 agricultural gun, which was used in the first paintball game in June 27, 1981. Twelve players utilized this particular "paintball gun", with two of those players, Hayes Noel and Bob Gurnsey, known for having setting Paintball on the track it is on today. The Nelson Paint Company, the makers of the Nelspot 007 "Paintball Gun", has been making paintball guns for the use of those in the forestry service, as well as cattle owners, dating back to the 1950s. Their paintball guns made marking trees from a distance easy, as well as marking cattle.

So there you have it. Grab your paintball guns and paintball safety gear and start having fun, Paintball style!