Tips for Buying Used Pontoon Boats

Going on a cruise is a very relaxing thing to do. And if you are considering buying yourself a pontoon boat, you can visit a dealer of used pontoon boats in your area.

There are two reasons why it is better to go to a dealer of used pontoon boats instead of dealers of brand new boats. First, you get to spend a lot less money. Second, there is more area for price negotiation when buying used pontoon boats.

When buying a used boat, go to a dealer of used pontoon boats that is a member of a boating association to be sure that you will receive professional and industry-recognized advice.

It is best that you thoroughly inspect the used pontoon boat that you wish to buy. If it is on a trailer, carefully walk around the boat and make sure that it is in good condition. Ask the dealer about the total number of hours on the engine or ask the owner for receipts for any work done on the boat like engine repairs, maintenance on the steering and on the pontoon. If it is in the water, you have the advantage of taking it for a test ride.

One important thing that you need to conduct when shopping for used pontoon boats is the marine survey, which generally helps discover problems in used pontoon boats. It is usually done if the boat is going to be under financing or as a requirement by an insurance company. The buyer usually pays for the marine survey and for hauling the boat out of the water. If the used pontoon boat shows hidden problems, the buyer can further negotiate on the sale price.

Taking out pontoon boat insurance is also recommended. Boat insurance in general is not expensive under the following conditions:

- When you choose a high-deductible limit
- If your boat is supplied with different safety gears
- If your boat does not have any fuel burning devices
- If you have a clean insurance record

It is best that you have your pontoon boat insured immediately. If you have a small pontoon boat, you can have it added to your house insurance policy. To know more about it, you can talk to your insurance provider.

Checking the trailer is also very important when buying used pontoon boats. If the pontoon boat and the trailer do not match, it will be difficult to launch the boat as well as haul it from the water. In addition, a damaged trailer will not be able to support your boat's pontoons properly. And if this happens, it will damage the entire boat.

You do not have to buy a brand new pontoon boat to be sure of its condition. All you have to do is consider the guidelines above when buying used pontoon boats to avoid any problems.