Behold the Scandalous String Bikini

Gone are the days when the bikini was simply a traditional triangle top and a full, diaper-like bottom. In today's times, the smallest swimsuits in the world have gone even smaller. Just take a look at the string bikini. The string bikini is a type of bikini that basically comprises of pieces of clothing that cover the main part of the breasts, the pubic area and the butt. These pieces are held together by a piece of spring. In bikini bottoms, the string bikini can be a continuous piece or it can be two pieces that are tied together on each side of the hip.

While women who wore bikinis in the olden times were sort of condemned and regarded as a disgrace to the female species, today's society accepts the bikini with open arms. It may be funny and ironic today that the diaper-like bikinis of the early days of the bikini were thought of as scandalous. What if the women then immediately wore string bikinis instead of the "conservative" bikinis? They could have been shunned by the prudish society.

Curious about how the string bikini came to be? The popular story talks about the Brazilian model Rode se Primo who was hired to model a bikini for a fashion shoot but was not given one. Because she had no money to buy her own bikini, she tried making her own one at home and discovered she also did not have ample material to sew the bikini bottom. So what she did, as you have probably guessed, is to connect two small triangles of fabric using a string and appeared in the fashion shoot wearing what is said to be the first ever string bikini. And the rest is history.

Today, string bikinis are a very popular version of the bikini sold worldwide in the swimsuit industry. The styles have changed through the years, with the fabric triangles becoming smaller and more revealing than the original model.

Like the other, more conservative types of bikinis, string bikinis of the modern times come in various styles, colors and fabrics. Plain cuts, simple colors, animal prints, metal string bikinis, you name it, it's been done. While string bikinis maximize one's sex appeal, it's important to note that not everyone can wear string bikinis and look good. If you are lucky enough to be able to pull the string look off, you have to make sure you buy the right one for your body type and to get the look you want.

The shape of the string bikini is vital. If you want more coverage in the front area, choose string bikinis with a wider front patch to avoid unnecessary peek-a-boos. If you do want maximum exposure, then the g-string bikini is the perfect one for you. If you're not that daring (just a little) and you do want a teeny-weeny more coverage, choose a v-string bikini bottom that features a v-shaped patch of fabric in the front and back. The v-string bikini offers more support and actually enhances one's curves.