Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing has its origin in Fen no Canadian countries during the pre historic times. In the 19th century animals like deer and other animals were hunted with the help of skiing. All the skiing equipments were made of materials that are natural like wooden and bamboo poles along the leather hand straps.

The skiers are long and thin which enables equal distribution of weight. It also helps the skier to move easily. The length of the ski dimension is approximately 2meters and the width is about 5 cm.

Cross country skiing competition is experiencing a good compatibility with the recent developments. Many races are held in relatively friendly manner with the audiences. Some of the races are mass start pursuit and sprint relay.

There are many types of cross country events that prove to be competitive. Different types and lengths are involved in the races. Ski races are also fixed up for particular distances and they are often referred as ski marathons. Vasaloppet in Sweden the American Birkebeiner and the Tug Hill are some of the popular ski marathons.

The cross country skiing is a popular winter sport in many countries that has large snow fields. Northern Europe and Canada are the two main countries with snow fields. This particular winter sport has gained popularity in the United States.

Cross country skiing forms to be a part of Nordic skiing family of sports. Nordic skiing is a combination of ski jumping and cross country skiing. Free technique cross country skiing is a locomotive method that involves rifle marks man ship to the sport of skiing.

Skiers prefer to stay for short or longer duration according to their convenience with the help of some equipments and tents that are similar to hikers and bush walkers. Some of the skiers go on for short trips to the ski resorts.

Cross country skiing is considered as a difficult sport since its motion requires the involvement of all major muscles group. This sport has the ability to burn maximum amount of calories.

The Canadian ski marathon is a tour and it is considered as the longest one in the world. Participants are allowed to select their distance as a challenge and they attempt to accomplish it. Coureur de Bois Gold is the highest honour conferred to those skiers who ski the distance.

High quality regional races have been introduced in the states of New England. Cross country skis are also referred as skinny skis on account of thinness.

Skiing poles are made with fibre glass and aluminium materials. Expensive poles are mainly made with Carbon or graphite fibre. Skiing poles are provided with the spikes at the end point thereby enabling penetration through the hard surface.

The skiing equipment varies according to the technique of the skiing. The toe of the skier's foot wear can be tied to the ski and the heel of the skier can remain free. The length of the freestyle poles and skating are comparatively longer than the ones used for classical techniques. The three primary groups that are involved in the modern cross country skiing are NNN SNS and SNS Pilot.