Water Skiing

Skiing is one of the most exciting sports. Water skiing is one of the types of skiing. Water skiing involves pulling a person along on the water with the help of a motor boat. The skier holds the tow rope and skis or skims on the surface of the water by standing upright and balancing himself on his skis.

Water skiing originated in the year 1922. Ralph Samuelson who used a clothesline to strap his feet to the boards and rigging himself to the boat did the first water skiing. He performed this feat on Lake Pepin in Minnesota.

Among women, the first person who water-skied was Katherine Lomerson of Michigan in the year 1924. Water skiing is very exciting and exhilarating and starts with something called a "deep water start". Skiers usually have to crouch on the surface of the water. Their knees have to be bent and the arms have to be kept straight. The tips of the skis have to be pointing upwards and the rope has to be positioned in between the skis.

When the skier is ready for takeoff, the boat moves forward with force. This enables the skier to move forward out of the water. Apart from the driver and the skier, water skiing sport involves another person, a third person or observer. He has to observe the skier carefully. In case of a fall or accident, the driver has to be informed so that he can slow down or stop to get the skier back to his feet.

Skier usually uses hand signals to exchange messages. Signals include the thumbs up and thumbs down signals, which signify, go faster and slow down respectively.

In the year 1940 ,Jack Anderson designed the trick ski. Trick ski is a short water ski which is without fins. In order to decide on how you are going to balance on your ski, or which foot you are going to put forward there are certain things you have to do.

The falling test is one of them. This involves standing on the skis with closed eyes and feet together. You must be pushed forward gently from the back. You will find that one of your foot will automatically go forward to try and balance and that is the foot you will have to foot forward for water skiing.

The pants test is to notice the foot put into the pant first by the skier and putting that foot forward on your skis.

The demo test involves trying out water skiing with both legs one by one and checking to see which foot forward is most comfortable for you.

The ski test can be gone through with the help of your ski instructor. The instructor makes the novice use combo skis. Lifting one ski up about six to twelve inches for duration of two seconds and with their ankle stretched up the skier has to use alternately his left and right ski for duration of about six minutes.

The ski handle has to be kept at the level of the hip and the skier's chin has to be pointed upwards. This will definitely enable the skier to identify the leg that he is most comfortable with putting forward and balancing. While water skiing on a single ski, he can use this leg forward for balancing purposes.