What are the ideal sun protection products?

Research reveals that 90 percent of the roots of skin wrinkles is due to over sun exposure. Apart from that, other skin damaging effects result such as premature aging and the deadly forms of skin cancer.

Here is another fact. For the past twenty years, the figure of skin cancer cases has doubled. Because of this alarming situation, there is a birth of myriads of sun protection products in the market. Get to know its characteristics and suitability for you. The sun protection products are categorized into:

Topical - they are the lotions, creams, sticks, and gels coated on the skin
Oral - they are capsules taken for sun protection
Sun shield clothing - they are the latest innovation to provide one's skin from damages caused by harmful sunrays.
Laundry additives - this is among the innovative sun protection products that provides added UV shield to apparels like the Rit Sun Guard Laundry Treatment UV Protectant.
Eye protection - this is composed of UV shield sunglasses as well as the eye wink lenses with UVA protection
Hair protection - different products such as creams, shampoo and conditioner to protect one's hair from the sun rays.

The heaps of sun protection products function in various ways. They may contain physical or chemical filters and some contains mixture too. A chemical filter acts through skin penetration and sun ray absorption for the harmful elements to not get contact into the lower skin layers, causing damage. Several chemical filters just give UVB radiation protection while the other shields against both UVA and UVB radiation. This is known as the sunscreens.

Meanwhile, the physical filter settles on the surface of the skin, reflecting the rays of the sun. For instance, an example of physical filter is the zinc oxide. They protect you from UVA and UVB rays. This is known as the sun blocks.

For best sun protection, choose the sun protection products that contain UVA and UVB shield. If you have tendencies of skin allergy, choose the ingredients that are found in physical filters since they less irritate the skin.

Sun protection products aid in reducing UV rays exposure yet they are not really a total preventive product for skin cancer and damages. It wears off after few hours and you need to reapply another coat. If the reapplication does not happen often, there will be a false security sense.

These different sun protection products are helpful in protecting your delicate skin from the different harms that the sun rays provide. Yet still the best measure to do is to avoid too much sun exposure. Extreme sun's heat hit around 10 in the morning up to 3 in the afternoon. Just avoid being sun exposed during these few hours.

After all, prevention is still the best cure.