Around the World with Cycling Sunglasses

For most athletes, protection is key. Almost every sport employs some kind of padding or uniform intended to keep the athlete's mind on the game and not on his or her physical safety. When an athlete knows he or she is protected, he or she can focus on winning and not on defending. However, eye protection is often forgotten. While athletes are busy strapping on helmets and shin pads, their eyes wait patiently for the same kind of attention.

Eyes are essentially some of the most important organs in the body; sight is crucial to the performance of almost every kind of athlete, and even non-athletes. Sunglasses and lenses protect the eyes from UV radiation, but also from the elements and any debris or body parts that could burn, sting, scratch or puncture the eyes. Cyclists especially need sunglasses in order to perform at any advanced level. Cycling sunglasses are designed with speed in mind, so that the athlete is not forced to sacrifice winning for the sake of protection.

Going for Gold

For cyclists, especially those cycling on trails and down mountainsides, the threat of getting something in the eye is real and frightening, not only for the sake of the eye but for the sake of the body. When cycling at high speeds, the sudden sharp pain of a splinter, bug or piece of ice can be enough to throw the biker from his or her bicycle, causing serious injury or even death. Unlike other sports, cycling requires full concentration to remain safe, and a sudden break in concentration can cost more than the race. Cycling sunglasses provide the cyclist with confidence and the ability to perform with abandon; he or she no longer has to worry what might fly into his or her eyes.

Cycling sunglasses are curved and fit flat to the face. They are designed with aerodynamics in mind; even something as small as a pair of sunglasses can greatly reduce speed. These sunglasses are available in a wide-variety of lens colors for different conditions, and lens shapes based on the type of cycling. The lenses are impact resistant and polarized, and reduce glare in almost every condition, from sunlight to snow to rain. Cycling sunglasses also come with mirrored lenses, which can benefit the cyclist; if his or her opponent cannot see where his or her eyes are looking, an element of surprise is created.

Cycling sunglasses, while designed for a secure fit, are also designed for quick removal. Depending on conditions or the type of race, cyclists must need to quickly remove their sunglasses, especially with only one hand. Speed is the key in cycling, and in all aspects, cycling sunglasses must cater to this need and not inhibit it in any way. Luckily, with the modern advancements in technology and materials, designing cycling sunglasses that function perfectly yet feel like they are not there at all is no longer an impossible feat.