Ideas for an Unusual Wedding Bouquet

Ideas for an Unusual Wedding Bouquet

Many people opt for a traditional wedding bouquet when they get married, but there are plenty of ideas you can choose from if you want to carry something a little more unusual at your wedding.

Here are some ideas:

Step Into the Past

If your mother still has her own wedding bouquet from her own marriage, you could always ask her if you can borrow it for your special day. If you find it's too fragile or she no longer has it, have a look through wedding photographs and show the florist you have chosen in order to try and re-create it for your wedding.

Change Your Colors

When it comes to bouquets, the majority of brides choose traditional flowers for their own wedding bouquet. Roses of various shades and lots of pastels are quite often the order of the day.

But there are plenty of colors to choose from if you are looking for something a little bit different to make a wedding bouquet to remember, especially if you opt for silk flowers instead of real ones.

How about a black and white wedding bouquet for example, with sprays of silver berries to go with it? This can look stunning when held against a traditional white wedding dress - especially if you are having your wedding during the winter months.

Keep with Tradition

Orange blossoms make a wonderful and lucky addition to any wedding bouquet. Because it produces flowers and fruit at the same time, it is thought to be lucky and has been chosen by brides the world over for centuries as a welcome addition to their bouquet.

Artificial Bouquets

If you suffer from hay fever you might be better off steering clear of real flowers altogether. The other advantage of having an artificial wedding bouquet is that you are free to choose whatever flowers you want, without being restricted to the ones that are in season or are not likely to stain your wedding dress with their pollen. This is particularly ideal if you love lilies and would like to have them in your wedding bouquet.

As you can see there are plenty of varied ideas on how to create a wedding bouquet that everyone will remember from your special day - not just you and your partner. It's also worth asking your local florist for advice on what options are available, as they may be able to come up with other ideas they have used in the past that you might not have thought of.