Relaxing With the Aqua Chi Model 5400

These days, various tastes lead to various forms of relaxation and unwinding.

Ranging from the wholesome to the not-so-wholesome variety, the many ways for people to relax are quite varied and differing, common only with the purpose of providing people the opportunity to recharge, helping them deal with the rigors of everyday life.

As some people go for drinking with friends, while others prefer a nice shiatsu massage, some are simply content with an hour with the Aqua Chi Model 5400.

Not resembling, or in effecting, anything to that of a shiatsu massage, the Aqua Chi Model 5400 is an item which facilitates the Aqua Detox therapy process. Aqua Detox therapy is basically the result of studies conducted by Dr. Royal Rife, and is a type of therapy which detoxifies one's body from toxins, as well as relaxes one's feet, making it a "relaxation" method in itself.

Aqua Detox therapy works on the premise that the human body is exposed to positive and negative ion frequencies coursing through and by it's cells. Through Aqua Detox therapy, the cells in one's body are rebalanced, as the toxins which have built on them over time are exited, resulting to the whole point of Aqua Detox therapy.

What happens is that a person's feet is bathed in a solution of water and salts. Electric current is then coursed through, completing the Aqua Detox therapy cycle. The Aqua Chi Model 5400 is an item, along with many other items, which successfully implements the Aqua Detox therapy process, with no problems.

The thing with Aqua Detox therapy is that it hasn't yet come up with clinical tests to prove its stand as a successful detoxifier. Users have nothing to say regarding any physical improvements after using Aqua Detox therapy gadgets, which the Aqua Chi Model 5400 is one of, and the United States Food and Drug Administration hasn't passed out results regarding it.

But as a relaxing "in home foot spa machine", the Aqua Chi Model 5400 is quite the item. It comes packaged with an analog power supply to match the main water module of the item, as it works based on the principles of Bio Electirc Field Enhancement systems. It also comes with a five year warranty, making its purchase fully covered, should one be interested in purchasing it.

Though most of its "claimed" medical benefits are being questioned, the relaxation factor of the Aqua Chi Model 5400 is quite proven. For relaxing, or a simple foot spa in your own home, the Aqua Chi Model 5400 ideally fits the bill for your foot spa needs.