Baby Furniture - Quality Cribs and High Chairs

Months before the exciting day of the baby's arrival the expectant parents are typically out shopping for baby furniture and other items. Two of the most important pieces of baby furniture are the crib and the high chair. In these items, safety and comfort are the two very important variables to keep in mind even though cuteness and style play a role too.

Crib Safety

Some people traditionally pass the family baby furniture to their daughters and sons but with safety being such a priority you have to make certain that the older cribs comply with the safety standards that are used today. If you select a crib that has been designed with slats, experts recommend the slats should not be situated more than 2 3/8 inches apart. Some cribs, especially the older versions were provided with slats with wide enough gaps for a baby to stick his head between them and get stuck with serious consequences.

If the crib has been painted make sure the paint does not contain lead which can be harmful to your baby. Cribs that feature cute cutouts that have been created on the head boards as well as the foot boards should be avoided since your baby can actually get his head or a limb stuck in the cutouts. The rails placed on the top of the crib's sides should be placed at a minimum 26 inches above the top of the crib mattress while it is placed in its lowest position.

Some people use a portable crib or perhaps utilize a portable crib as a secondary crib. They are useful if you have limited space or if you are visiting friends or relatives and they don't have a crib available. Convertible cribs are available which can be converted from a crib to a bed for your child when he grows and becomes a toddler.

High Chairs

While shopping for baby furniture for your infant you might want to consider a space saving high chair as well as a portable high chair if you have limited space. You also might consider a high chair that is designed to accommodate your infant as he grows. You will want to make sure the chair was manufactured to be quite sturdy in order to avoid accidents. Some parents select high chairs designed to entertain the baby while he is not being fed.

Safety is the main priority but you might want to choose one that is also easy to clean. They are usually constructed from plastic or wood and some high chairs are provided with a comfortable cushion. There are several safety features that are utilized for high chairs including five point restraints and laid back seats. When shopping for baby furniture opt for high quality over price and aesthetics.