What are Laser Acne Treatments?

What are Laser Acne Treatments?

Acne is a very serious, common skin condition, one that occurs when the oil that is produced by the sebaceous glands does not reach the surface of the skin but instead gets trapped in tine pores or follicles in the skin. This causes blemishes and puss to occur, and this plugging of the skin may result in closing off pores, which will cause bulging and most often a whitehead.

There are various different severities of acne conditions, from mild to severe, and although both men and women alike can suffer from acne problems, it is much more common and usually much more serious and long lasting as well in men.


Treatment is the most difficult aspect here, because acne is a very stubborn, recurring skin condition and so often various methods are tried and fail. However, there are certain options out there that have proven to be very effective, in particular laser acne treatments.

About Laser Acne Treatments

Laser acne treatments are basically types of procedures that are performed on patients suffering from an acne condition. This process is one which involves a combination of laser carbon dioxide, and a YAG laser. The skin is then removed during the procedure with this laser, layer by layer, which results in removing the uppermost parts of the scars on the skin.

Laser acne treatments then continue to go one step further by using the heat of the laser to smooth and tighten the skin, which helps to further reduce and relieve the scarring and redness of the skin. Although the procedure itself is very quick, and is usually completed entirely in a half hour or so, you will not be able to see the final results until about 18 months after the procedure has taken place.

This can be a bit hard to deal with, but for people who have been suffering with an acne problem for most of their life, especially if it has been quite severe, it is definitely worth the wait. It is important to realize as well that your skin is most likely going to be a bit pink and tingly feeling after you have laser acne treatments, done, especially if you have particularly sensitive skin. However, this should go away in a few days time and then it will only get better from there.

Talk to your dermatologist before deciding on any type of acne treatment, so that they can properly assess your condition and work together with you to come up with the best treatment option.