Coniferous Types Of Bonsai Trees

Bonsai is the art of cultivating trees to become very small and maintaining their size for years. Some of the most popular types of bonsai trees are the coniferous ones. Coniferous trees are those trees that already have the look of antiquity even at their young age. Most people who are asked to imagine a bonsai tree will decidedly conjure up a tree that looks like one of the pine trees. The types of bonsai trees are so plentiful but the coniferous is really the most common and practical choice. Coniferous trees are so called because they usually bear cones for propagation.

These types of bonsai trees are those that are usually evergreen and do not lose their leaves or even change color when the seasons change. So you are left with a bonsai tree that is perennially green and has less work for you to do because they need less pruning and maintenance. These types of bonsai trees are also slow growers that might only need a root pruning every two to three years.

Juniper Types Of Bonsai Trees

Junipers are trees under the coniferous variety. These trees usually have a hard peeling bark and they also produce cones for seed pods. Junipers make great types of bonsai trees because they are hardy and they are also great for jin bonsai trees. Jin bonsai is an art form wherein the bark of the trees are weathered or designed in such a way that it looks antiquated and almost like it can tell a story.

These types of bonsai trees are also very easy to grow and take full advantage of the sun. They are also capable of flowering which are very beautiful white dainty flowers. These types of bonsai trees also come in varying shades of green. They can adapt well to indoor life as well as outdoor exposure.

Pine Types Of Bonsai Trees

Pine trees are the types of bonsai trees that are hardy and very upright to grow. These types of bonsai trees need little attention except for the pruning and the cutting but as to sunlight and watering they are a hardy variety. Some of the more popular types of bonsai trees are Japanese black pine and Five Needle pine.

Other Conifer Species

Other conifer types of bonsai trees usually used includes spruces and cypresses. These are just as hardy as the other types of coniferous trees and just as dignified when matured.